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Is Serbia safe

Is Serbia safe for travel

Is Serbia a safe country – so frequently asked question among foreigners. I suppose it comes from wars during the 1990s because we know that it was widely covered in western media. And Serbia’s reputation is still bad worldwide.

In this article I’ll give you my opinion on this topic backed up with experiences of foreigners I have spoken with.

Serbia’s bad reputation

Interviewing foreigners from western countries (Canada, UK, USA), I started to realize that Serbia still has a bad image there. People who I speak with says that they were watching news about Yugoslavia breakup, Kosovo war, NATO bombing and that they still have these events in their minds.


I do not want to comment on the Serbian political past and political present at all. Politicians and Government is one thing, and ordinary people are another.

And the same opinion I get every time when I ask these questions to my interlocutors. They say that Serbia is so friendly and welcoming toward foreigners. They get help every time they need, have great nightlife and encounter hospitable Serbian hosts who make delicious traditional food. Without any unpleasant experience when it comes to safety.

Is Serbia safe for female 

I have lived in Serbia my whole life, for 27 years. Fortunately, I have not experienced any incident in the street, on the bus and like that. I take a walk mostly alone, get back from nightlife by bus, etc.

It does not mean that there are no rages and female violence. Serbia has a huge problem with violence but it refers to family violence, mostly among spouses. But, my experience and experiences of female foreigners are proof that you can freely walk on Serbian streets.

Is Belgrade safe for tourists

The capital Belgrade is at the same time the biggest and most populated city in Serbia. People from all parts of Serbia move there for university and jobs. Also, many tourists visit Belgrade, so it is overcrowded and hectic.

Despite periodic street fights between criminal groups like in any other city, Belgrade is safe for tourists. You can enjoy your visit without being concerned that somebody will attack you in any way.

However, you should be cautious in the main street Knez Mihailova and popular tourist places like Kalemegdan and  Scadarlija because there is a possibility of pickpocketing. 

Anti-American feelings in Serbia 

Undoubtedly, there are people in Serbia who have negative feelings toward America and Americans because of NATO bombing during 1999. Walking along streets you can come across signs „Ne u NATO“ and similar.

But, are Americans safe in Serbia?

Yes. There is a really small possibility that you would be attacked based on your nationality. If you come in peace, to enjoy your stay, to explore culture, food, people etc… you will not have any problem. If you show respect and kindness, you will most likely get it back. If you do not trust me, watch the YouTube channel of Charles Cather who is American, living in Serbia.

In my opinion, you should not talk about politics. You never know whether you’re gonna hurt someone’s feelings. There is no need to cast a shadow on your journey, which is supposed to be pleasant. Maybe it would be a constructive conversation and exchanging opinions, but also it could end up into a passionate quarrel. 

There is so much other stuff you can talk about. Meet the people, get to know culture and food, explore beautiful nature and bring the most pleasant memories to your country.


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