I like to believe that I am gifted at reaching people with words.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Master’s degree in Communication science which I gained at University of Novi Sad. Seeking for practical knowledge, I started working in different newsrooms in Serbia after the first year of college. The most precious reward I received so far is Refleksija,  National award for decent reporting on poverty in Serbia.

From my previous experience, I would highlight the investigative and analytical stories at the Vojvodina Research and Analytical Center (VOICE), tourism-oriented series Welcome to Novi Sad on Radio 021, and a reporter job on TV Nova S. I also work as a content writer in cooperation with domestic and foreign agencies.

I like forests, rivers, mountains and cycling. On Serbiaindeed you will have the opportunity to read my stories and reviews of the natural beauties of Serbia that have been unfairly neglected by the media.